Sponsor Training Series: Case Study (what works with a Sponsee vs. what doesn’t)

Time: 11.00 - 12.00 | Jenny will be sharing her firsthand experience within her role as a Sponsor by sharing insights into what works well with her Sponsee, identifying common obstacles, and discuss how she navigates and overcomes barriers to maintain a supportive relationship.

  • 11:00AM – 10 October

    • CPD hours: 1

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Join us as Jenny shares her firsthand experiences as a Sponsor, providing valuable insights into what makes her relationship with her Sponsee successful. She will cover:

  • What works well in fostering a productive Sponsor-Sponsee relationship.
  • Identifying typical challenges and hurdles
  • Practical tips on overcoming those challenges to maintain a supportive and effective partnership.

This is part of the 2024 Sponsor Series. Please find the draft agenda for the series here.

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