Innovation Showcase Session: How to use ISFE Metrics to improve financial performance

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 |After transitioning from a CCG to an ICB, NHS Somerset ICB's performance declined, prompting efforts to regain top rankings, enhance financial processes, and ensure compliance. Maria Griffiths demonstrates improved procedures and Excel tools for efficiency.

  • 13:00PM – 12 September

    • CPD hours: 1

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After transitioning from a CCG to an ICB, and due to an increased volume of work, NHS Somerset ICB's performance against the ISFE Metrics deteriorated, having previously ranked with the top 3 performing CCG's. The ICB wanted to improve their performance against these metrics, re-establish their position within the top performing organisations and improve their financial processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the ICB’s financial system controls, and standing financial instructions.

Join Maria Griffiths, Assistant Financial Accountant at NHS Somerset ICB, as she showcases how they improved financial procedures to ensure tasks are performed in an efficient and effective manner, creating Excel spreadsheets with macro to run non-PO reports to analyse information, Power BI connections and formulas to analyse control accounts, and to create an outstanding invoice report per Oracle user.

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