FACE Showcase Session: Barts Health tool to support clinicians & managers

Time: 12:30 - 13:30 | Join us to hear how Clementine Johnson from Barts Health NHS Trust is working to re-engage with their clinicians, managers and leaders within the organisation on the subject of finance.

  • 12:30PM – 26 June

    • CPD hours: 1

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During this session, Clementine will be discussing the following to better clinicians & managers understanding of NHS Finance. This session will also help to help equip finance colleagues with useful information that they can bring back to their organisation and share with their non-finance colleagues: 

  • High Level: How the income flows from taxes to hospitals.
  • Why NHS financial decisions are made – the link between NHS and politics.
  • The basics – what is a cost centre, WTE, budget etc.
  • How budgets have been set in the past few years.
  • Governance structures – the importance of understanding the process yourself.
  • Income – block v ERF.
  • How can it help medical staff? – CIPs, WLIs etc.
  • Explain the jargon – accruals, capital and revenue, run rate, cost pressures, contracting.
  • Why things are done the way they are done? SFI’s.