LGBTQIA+ History Month - Launch and Myth-busting event

Time: 11.00 - 12.00 | Join us for the LGBTQIA+ History Month Launch Event where we will showcase and bust some common myths within the community. You will also get the chance to hear from the chair of the National Rainbow Network on what other events and resources are available through the network and throughout LGBTQIA+ History Month.

    Sessions for this event are listed below:

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    This one-hour online session will commence with an introduction by the Chair of the National Rainbow Network, who will delve into the exciting opportunities you can engage with through the network and the broader movement. Discover an array of activities scheduled for the upcoming month, including webinars, resources, blog posts, and Twitter takeovers.

    The second part of the event promises an interesting presentation by Jack Fellows, Senior Clinical Coding Lead at the Royal Papworth NHS Hospital Trust. Jack will expose some of the common myths surrounding the trans community, including misconceptions about individuals, their feelings, self-presentation, and the rich history of the community.

    Join us at this enlightening event that aims to foster understanding, celebrate diversity, and set the tone for a month dedicated to LGBTQIA+ history and empowerment. 

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