LGBTQIA+ History Month - Pronouns

Time: 13.00 - 14.30 | Join us for an enlightening online session where we delve into the significance of pronouns, their role in fostering inclusivity, and the power of personal experiences. This event aims to create a safe space for learning, understanding, and embracing the diversity of pronoun usage.

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    During the first part of this session, we will be joined by Becca Winchester, Primary Training Hub and Workforce Development Lead, NHS England - East of England who will be showcasing what pronouns signify, their key role in workplace dynamics, and their impact beyond professional settings. 

    In the 2nd half of the session we will also be joined by ThorViolet Harman, Deputy Finance Business Partner, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Thor will be showcasing their first hand experience with pronouns within and out of the workplace and offer an insight into the impact of pronouns usage and awareness.

    This session will be an open, comfortable space to broaden your understanding and learn how to contribute to a workplace culture that values individual identities.