FACE Showcase Session: Budget Holder Training

Time: 14:00 - 15:00| Join us to hear how Christine Ellis and Finance Teams from Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust have recently introduced an exceptional budget holder training pack. The initiative aimed to address financial challenges within the trust and across the healthcare system.

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    The training focuses on raising awareness of finance, efficiencies, cost control, stewardship, and governance post-COVID. The comprehensive budget holder pack covers diverse financial areas, including Management Accounts, Financial Services, Cash, Procurement, Fraud, NHS How Money flows, and Continuous Improvement Projects (CIP). Christine ensured inclusivity by providing a point of contact for areas outside the finance team.

    The training was successfully launched across the Trust, reaching a wide audience through both on-site and virtual sessions. It has become an integral part of the Trust-wide prospectus, officially logged into the ESR system, complete with a Finance Training certificate. Christine actively monitors attendance to encourage participation from clinical and non-clinical staff, even those not directly managing budgets. The programme is designed to make finance engaging and, ultimately, contribute value to patients by supporting colleagues across Alder Hey with Finance awareness.