Innovation Showcase Session: Induction Timetable

Time: 10.00 - 10.30 | The induction working group at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have created a timetable covering an employee’s initial induction week, and will be presenting what they have achieved in this Innovation Showcase Session.

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    The induction working group was created as a response to the need to induct new members of staff in a positive and consistent way because otherwise this will negatively affect the new member of staff’s integration with the team and culture of the organisation, as well as being inefficient for the recruiting managers. They created a template for a timetable covering an employee’s initial induction week, which includes examples of successful inductions, expectations for recruiting managers, and sessions that could be included. The suggestions were based on the feedback received, including the most beneficial components of recent inductions. The benefits of the induction timetable include: a consistent approach to the induction process across the directorate; time saved for the recruiting manager; and a positive induction experience for new members of staff.