CIPFA Webinar

Join us to hear about the accelerated route to gain CPFA and ACA designation and dual membership!

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    This accelerated route to gain CPFA and ACA designation and qualify for dual membership will give CIPFA students and newly qualified CPFA accountants a much wider range of career opportunities 

    The ever-increasing interdependence of the public and private sectors mean that finance professionals need to be more adaptable and skilled than ever before. CIPFA has been working more closely with ICAEW (the leading accountancy body for the private sector) since 2021, to endeavour to deliver better outcomes for the accountancy profession, including providing wider career opportunities for CIPFA and ICAEW members and students.

    David Fields from CIPFA will be outlining the different routes to becoming professionally qualified with CIPFA and attaining dual membership of CIPFA and ICAEW. The webinar will cover CIPFA’s updated professional accountancy qualification, studying via an apprenticeship, and CIPFA’s new accelerated route (for experienced finance managers).