Waste reduction Innovation Showcase

Join us for a dynamic event aimed at addressing a critical challenge faced by Leeds Teaching Hospitals. This event will share their mission to catalyze the creation of a culture of continuous improvement across the organisation.

    Sessions for this event are listed below:

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    The event will delve into the issues surrounding waste identification, removal, and value addition within each clinical service unit (CSU). Together, we'll explore innovative strategies to spotlight waste removal as a top priority, educate teams in waste management activities, and empower teams to eliminate root causes of waste rather than resorting to temporary solutions.

    Below you will see some of the highlights of this initiative and through this showcase you will understand how they implemented this and the benefits the organisation has seen.

    Innovation Highlights:

    • Problem Statement: We will begin by understanding the significance of supporting CSUs in delivering a comprehensive 'waste week' aimed at identifying waste, crafting improvement plans, and enhancing value.
    • Addressing the Challenge: Engage in thought-provoking discussions around the multifaceted challenge of promoting waste reduction and fostering a culture of improvement. 
    • Educational Sessions: Participate in interactive sessions designed to educate teams on the practical aspects of waste removal, the utilisation of improvement tools, and the importance of addressing resistance to change. 
    • Collaborative Workshops: Collaborate with peers and experts in dedicated workshops. Develop strategies to support individual teams in crafting well-defined 'finance the Leeds way' improvement plans that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART).
    • Outcomes and Benefits: Understand the tangible outcomes of this initiative, including enhanced focus on waste reduction in the finance CSU, improved education around waste identification and removal, increased collaboration among teams, and amplified empowerment to drive positive change.
    • Networking and Sharing: Connect with colleagues and leaders from diverse departments to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices. Explore how overcoming challenges related to waste removal and continuous improvement can lead to mutual growth.
    • Future Endeavors: Learn about ongoing efforts and planned sessions focusing on mental valleys and sustained improvement. Discover how these endeavors will contribute to the organization's overarching goals.