Breathwork for Resilience

Modern life, for many of us, can be characterised as a perpetual state of distraction and hyperventilation. Although we barely recognise it, we are so busy trying to get ‘somewhere’ and feel a certain way, that we have forgotten how to be ourselves.

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    This session is designed to cultivate your resilience, by working with two ancient approaches that beautifully compliment each other: breathwork and nature connection.

    The breath and our relationship with nature are doorways into flow and presence. Our breath changes the way we think, feel and behave. Whether we are aware of our breath or not it is impacting, moment to moment, every function and system in our body. So, if we use the breath purposefully, we have an extraordinary tool with which to direct our lives. We can stop searching outside of ourselves to feel a certain way and look within.

    Likewise, the natural world is in a perpetual state of relaxation and flow. When we give it our full, embodied attention and appreciation we are invited into this same flow state and into a deeper connection with our true nature.

    In this experiential workshop you will be guided through some gentle breathwork, poetic visualisation and time connecting with the natural world around you. This can be done quite simply sitting undisturbed in your office, home or your back garden. No prior breathwork experience is needed.



    • Develop a breathing practise, which will support you in responding to life in a spontaneous, open and coherent way.

    • Learn how to cultivate resilience and gain access to your emotional, cognitive and somatic intelligences.

      Connect with the natural world around you and begin to cultivate a relationship that will continue to resource and relax you the more you invest in it.