Menopause: The Essentials

According to Wellbeing of Women, a charity which funds vital medical research on the menopause, 25% of women going through the menopause had considered leaving work because of their experiences. Unfortunately, for many women, the menopause can be a time of great anxiety, distress and physical discomfort due to the various symptoms that can accompany the drop in oestrogen. This can lead to a difficult and problematic time for women, particularly in the workplace.

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    This workshop covers the facts about Perimenopause and Menopause, simplifying the science to understand the changes, symptoms (including those less well known) and their impact.

    We also look at the impact that lifestyle behaviours can have on the menopause journey, including movement, nutrition and supplements, and share practical strategies to bullet proof your mental and physical health.

    We also explore HRT, what it is, how it works, and demystifying some of the misconceptions around risks and benefits, especially focussing on breast cancer.

    The workshop all addresses the impact on the workplace - how symptoms might affect work and how we can support our colleagues/friends/partners.


    • Understand the science around perimenopause and menopause

    • Learn about the impact that lifestyle behaviours can have on the menopause journey.

    • Gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of HRT

    • Develop awareness of the impact on the workplace and how to support ourselves and each other

    • Reflect on individual experiences and create a positive action plan.