Sponsor training - Risks, benefits and approaches to advocacy

Time: 10.00 - 12.00 | This session is the third of a series of events for Sponsors based on a facilitated discussion with current Sponsees that helped us to understand the areas of the programme that they felt could improve. As a Sponsor, this session will help to improve some of the skills needed to support your Sponsee successfully

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    This session centers on advocacy and networking, exploring the associated risks, benefits, and various approaches to enhance these skills. The concept of signposting as a means of guiding and supporting others in their journey is discussed.

    The power of storytelling and sharing personal experiences as advocacy tools takes the spotlight. Participants learn how storytelling can effectively convey messages and connect with others, enhancing their ability to advocate for causes or ideas.

    The session delves into the risks and challenges associated with advocacy, providing insights on how to navigate potential pitfalls and communicate persuasively while maintaining authenticity.

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