Sponsor Training - How Sponsors can help drive the meetings

This session is the second of a series of events for Sponsors based on a facilitated discussion with current Sponsees that helped us to understand the areas of the programme that they felt could improve. As a Sponsor, this session will help to improve some of the skills needed to support your Sponsee successfully

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    This session centers on fostering proactive behavior in both Sponsors and Sponsees and striking the right balance between support and challenge. The meeting dynamics are explored, emphasising the importance of identifying who should drive the sessions at which point and ensuring both parties are contributing to the relationship.

    Promoting proactivity in sponsees takes center stage, with sponsors encouraged to create an environment that empowers sponsees to take initiative and ownership of their development. Strategies to motivate and inspire proactivity are discussed.

    The tension of support and challenge in the Sponsorship relationship is addressed, guiding sponsors on providing constructive feedback while simultaneously encouraging sponsees to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Participants gain insights into nurturing a growth-oriented mindset while maintaining a supportive and understanding presence.

    Giving feedback and challenging sponsees are vital aspects of the Sponsorship process, and this session offers practical tips on delivering feedback effectively. Sponsors are encouraged to provide specific, actionable, and growth-oriented feedback to foster continuous improvement.