Sponsor Training - Rapport, Trust and Respect

This session is the first of a series of events for Sponsors based on a facilitated discussion with current Sponsees that helped us to understand the areas of the programme that they felt could improve. As a Sponsor, this session will help to improve some of the skills needed to support your Sponsee successfully

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    This session focuses on the dynamics of Sponsor-Sponsee relationships, particularly addressing banding gaps and the importance of setting objectives. The session begins by discussing the options of setting objectives or adopting a more flexible approach. Sponsors are encouraged to create a comfortable environment, fostering honest and open conversations to put sponsees at ease.

    Recognising signs of a mismatched Sponsor-Sponsee pairing is explored, emphasising the need to identify when the relationship might not be right. Building rapport between Sponsors and Sponsees is highlighted as a crucial factor in establishing a productive relationship.

    The session delves into the significance of structuring meetings effectively and ensuring both parties have actionable takeaways each time. Banding gaps are discussed, considering how differences in experiences and knowledge can impact the relationship and advice given.

    Participants are guided on how to determine if they are ready to become a sponsor, taking into account their own capacity and time availability for a successful mentoring commitment.