Interview hints and tips when going through organisational change

In this one-hour session, participants will gain valuable insights into navigating the interview process during times of organisational change. The session aims to equip individuals with essential hints and tips to enhance their interview performance and increase their chances of success in a changing organisational landscape.

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    This session focuses on the significance of interview preparation during organisational change. We highlight the importance of adaptability and showcasing relevant skills and experiences to enhance your chances of success in a changing environment.

    We begin by discussing the impact of change on the interview process and the expectations of hiring managers. Understanding these factors enables you to tailor your interview strategy effectively.

    We then delve into preparing for interviews. This involves analysing job descriptions to align your skills and experiences with the organisation's evolving needs. We also provide strategies for identifying transferable skills that can adapt to changing circumstances.

    We address common interview questions , offering sample questions and suggested responses. We emphasize techniques for demonstrating adaptability, including flexibility, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, we provide advice on utilizing past experiences to showcase successful adaptation to change.

    We guide you in creating a compelling personal story, presenting experiences and accomplishments concisely and impactfully. Tips for aligning achievements with the organisation's changing priorities are provided.

    The session concludes with a Q&A, followed by closing remarks emphasising the value of interview preparation and the skills gained through navigating organisational change successfully.