Wellbeing - Staff survey showcase

How do we know we are making a real and positive difference for our employees wellbeing? Of all the things being done in a team, and organisation, what is having the most impact, what is having the least, and are there any fundamental gaps? Join this showcase session to learn more on how you can support your team.

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    Leaders can use regularly available information such as staff engagement scores (NHS Staff survey) or sickness absence data to get a sense of how well they are doing but wellbeing is such a personal issue, how is it possible to really know that we are using the resources we have available to maximum effect.

    On joining MIAA, Gayle Wells (Executive Director of Operations, NW Value Maker lead and HFMA NW Vice Chair) noticed some wellbeing issues presenting, and suggested joining the mental health charity MIND to take part in the Wellbeing Index 2023.  They took part in the national programme in February, with the results being shared in May.

    Join the webinar to find out more about why, how and what the results were and what MIAA are doing next to support the wellbeing of their staff.