How to Destress

This workshop will help you navigate your working day, whether that’s from home or the office, in a more peaceful way that enables you to focus on the professional challenges at hand.

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    Throughout the day tension can build, physically and mentally. Simple things like the occasional stretch, drinking enough water, or taking time for fresh air throughout the day are instrumental in improving our engagement with work and reducing our levels of stress.

    Chris Hardy is a leadership coach and wellbeing consultant. Chris believes that work should be nourishing for everybody, and that a healthy team is the foundation of a healthy business.

    In this workshop participants will learn what stress is from a physiological perspective, common triggers, how it manifests, and participants will have the opportunity to get clear on their own early warning signs

    The final part of this workshop covers a few easy to practice techniques that will dial down stress and facilitate focus. This includes bookending your working days so that you are properly able to relax once home and a short meditation practice that quickly calms the nervous system and soothes our minds.

    Participants leave the workshop with a toolkit of practical techniques they can start using immediately to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

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