Dialling Down Anxiety

Dr Barbara Mariposa leads this wellbeing workshop on dialling down anxiety.

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    Dr B is a medical doctor, author and thought leader in the field of mental health, workplace wellbeing and the science that brings all these things together.

    This workshop provides an understanding of what anxiety is, where it comes from and strategies to support feelings of greater calm and balance.

    We look at the underlying mechanisms and what happens in brain and body, and importantly what we can do to dial down the pressure when it gets too much.

    The workshop shares tools and insights for adapting to new situations, to better come to terms with what is a common experience we share and can help each other with, and explains the key protective factors that enhance overall wellbeing.

    Outcomes of the workshop:

    • Understand the causes of anxiety and its impact

    • Gain knowledge of what you can do to help yourself and to help others

    • Learn basic tools to start being more balanced, clear-headed and connected

    • Reduce the risk of getting feelings of panic and overwhelm

    • Develop a shared connection and understanding with others